Monday, October 31, 2016

Mike Pence on Abortion

Peggy Noonan, Opinion writer for the WSJ, wrote these words concerning the debate between Mike Pence, Republican VP candidate and Tim Kaine, Democrat VP candidate.

"Mr. Pence too claimed his faith “is at the very heart of who I am.” His is­sue was not the death penalty - but abor­tion. He is pro-life and ran as such from the start of his ca­reer. Why? “I would tell you that for me the sanc-tity of life pro­ceeds out of the be­lief [in] that an­cient prin­ci­ple . . . where God says, ‘Be-fore you were formed in the womb, I knew you.’ ” He was say­ing God is real, and God made hu­man life, so it is sa­cred: “It all for me be­gins with cher­ish­ing the dig­nity, the worth, the value of every hu­man life.”

I rarely hear politi-cians, even pro-life ones, talk like that. It was star­tling, and lovely."

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