Monday, July 11, 2016

A Secular "Lectio Divina"

This morning it is quiet in the Pennsylvania woods. Listening to the birds, God playing the wind through the trees. Looking up, the sky is steel blue, with clouds of pearl white moving along in silence. Sitting here reading "The Intimate Merton", I practice a secular "Lectio Divina", grabbing a few passages that speak to me right now - at this moment.

     "Gradually I will come more and more to transcend the limitations of the world and of the society to which I belong - while fully accepting my own little moment in history such as it is."

     "To be detached from all systems without rancor toward them, with insight and compassion. To be truly "Catholic" is to be able to enter into everybody's problems and joys and be all things to all men.

-  Thomas Merton  July 31, 1961

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