Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and the March for Marriage

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who is the Archbishop of San Francisco, has been under fire recently by California politicians, most especially House Minority Leader Nancy Polosi (D), for his support for the upcoming "MARCH FOR MARRIAGE" on June 19th in Washington, DC.

The Archbishop is quoted on the CNA website saying “Simply for taking a stand for marriage as it has been understood in every human society for millennia, people have lost their jobs, lost their livelihoods, and have suffered other types of retribution, including physical violence."

God bless Archbishop Cordileone for having the courage to defend the Sacrament of Marriage. Let us support the Archbishop and the March for Marriage. If you are able, please attend in person or show support for the event through social media, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Pray for this holy archbishop, write letters of support to him and let us follow him in his courage.

In the words of Pope Francis...

When a man and a woman celebrate the sacrament of marriage, God is reflected in them,” “As ‘one flesh’, they become living icons of God’s love in our world, building up the Church in unity and fidelity,” he said. “The image of God is the married couple — not just the man, not just the woman, but both.”

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