Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Compline

Here in New Jersey, two winter storms already, a week of nearly sub-zero weather, and today? yep - another snow storm. Darkness will come quick today. On a cold winter night it is good to be quiet - and enjoy the darkness, for the darkness helps us to pray.

Here you can join the Trappist monks at the Abbey of Gethsemani as they pray their  "winter compline."

Compline (pronounced COM-plin, short "o," short "i") is the final office of the day, sung just before the monks go to bed. The lights are never turned on for compline. This means that, during the winter months at Gethsemani, it is sung in the dark. Since the same psalms and canticles are sung every evening, the monks know this office by heart. The darkness is not a hindrance, therefore, but an aid to prayer.

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