Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat

Here I am in New Jersey – Monday is Halloween. And tomorrow the weather folks are calling for snow. It’s getting awful strange.

I remember as a child my excited anticipation of Halloween. Living in a city, I knew that Halloween would bring lots of candy! In the suburbs, there is only so much candy to be had. But in the city, we had apartment houses! Just one apartment house would be a Mother Lode. Dressed up as clowns, ghouls – even Dick Tracy –my friends and I would hit one apartment house after another. When our bags were full, we would go home, dump all the booty on the bed, then off to the next house. I guess you could say that we were greedy. But that is just the way it was back then. Our families did not have much, so when opportunity knocked, we answered!

Today, as a Catholic deacon, I realize that some emphasis should have been placed on Saints, not candy and ghouls. Yet, I believe the mystery of Halloween experienced in my youth prepared my mind and heart to experience the more important mysteries – the Mysteries that truly count.

Enjoy your Trick or Treat day.

God bless !

* above watercolor "Mischief Night", by Andrew Wyeth

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