Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene, on the way to Jersey

Well here she is, Hurricane Irene, on the way to my home State of New Jersey. As I am one to worry, I am becoming more worried. First of all, I have a brick fireplace that rises on its own about 8 feet above my roof. In almost twenty five years, the wind has never blown it down. Big trouble if it does come down - it will take a whole wall with it. And my basement is prone to flooding. I have a sump pump that works very well - but - if the power goes out, I am a dead duck! Well, maybe not a dead duck, but maybe a floating duck. My wife tells me to stop worrying, and do more praying. I am a deacon - she really shouldn't have to tell me to pray...but my wife, and I hate to say it, is usually 99.9% correct. So, I will take her advice, and pray - and ask the Good Lord to not only spare our home and protect OUR family, but to protect all God's children who are in the way of this terrible storm.

I am charging my camera batteries, waiting to get my first shot of a hurricane - up close....

God bless !

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