Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fr. Michael Doyle doing God's work in Camden, New Jersey

Interesting story, written by Bob Braun, out of the Star-Ledger/, about Fr. Michael Doyle, a Catholic priest in Camden New Jersey.

CAMDEN — The priest looks up at a stained-glass window of the old Sacred Heart church and points at two small holes. Bullet holes, a kind of grotesque memorial to the brief life of Anjanea Williams, 20, shot to death while doing nothing more momentous than buying a sandwich at nearby Frank’s Deli, one of the few local eateries to survive the collapse of the South Camden neighborhood.

"Like the others, she will be remembered," says Rev. Michael Doyle, the church’s pastor. Williams will be remembered at the church’s annual "Mass for the Murdered," celebrated in November for those in Camden who died violently in the previous year.

Violent crime is Sacred Heart’s invisible and deadly parishioner, a stalker that last year took 54 lives — compared to 19 murders in Glasgow, Scotland, considered the murder capital of Europe, with a population seven times the size of Camden’s, 585,000 to 79,000.

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* photo by Saed Hindash

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