Friday, June 24, 2011

The Marriage License

I enjoyed the last few days with my wife discovering Stockbridge, Massachusetts - an absolutely lovely town, full of history. We spent part of one day at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Rockwell was an amazingly talented artist, who understood the human person well. The painting above, The Marriage License, really captured my eye. It was painted in 1955, my birth year. A young man and woman plan to be married, so they go see the (state) clerk to acquire a marriage license. How excited they must be.

This is the way God planned it - a man and a woman - preparing for marriage. Pope Benedict XVI says "The marriage bond, in which man and woman together constitute a life-long association, ordered by its very nature for the good of the spouses and the generation and education of children," is the basis of the family, the heritage and shared wealth of humanity." Marriage, between a man and a woman, and their children - family - it is what keeps our country strong. Let us pray that it stays that way.

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