Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Love Christ Jesus

I grabbed the above photo from the Dominican Nuns of Summit, New Jersey website. It is a telling image - of a person who has had the courage to follow God's call - accepting all that comes with that call. Let us ask God to open the hearts of more souls, to heed His call.

Lord, I thank You for the gifts You have given me, especially for life, love, family and friends.

Help me to know myself better and to know my talents, as I pray, study and decide on my life's work.

Help me to see and understand the path You open for me. Help me choose a life's work which will be in response to my potential and your love for me.

If I am being invited to follow You as a priest, deacon, brother, sister, give me a generous heart to respond to your challenging call and the strength to follow You wherever You lead me.


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