Friday, October 22, 2010

Fr. Louis Marie Navaratne O.S.B.

Fr. Louis Marie Navaratne O.S.B. is a Benedictine Monk residing at Holy Face Monastery in Clifton, New Jersey. He is a holy man, a wonderful confessor. Fr. Louis is also an international expert on the Holy Shroud of Turin, a writer and poet. You can find out out more about Holy Face Monastery on the side bar of this blog. Here is his beautiful poem "Peacemaker."

Fr. Louis - "I wrote this poem during my Thanksgiving after Holy Communion. In my meditation I realized that the Body, Blood and Divinity of Jesus (Son of God the Creator) was within me. So, through, with and in Him, creative power was in my hands. Above all, I believed that I and each and everyone of us, have the power and the mission to create, to make PEACE.

In fact, each human being has the power and choice to either MAKE peace or war! So, I prayed to the Lord: "Let me be: a PEACEMAKER" I wish everyone else too -through this poem- would chose to be "peacemakers".

The Lord who said: "Blessed are the 'peacemakers'" will certainly reward us!"


Made in Gods image
In His likeness
Power to create
In my hands

What I think
Say or do
The situation

Past is gone
Future unknown
What NOW ?

My influence
On this journey
Makes a difference

Being creative
Using God's gifts
Receiving His PEACE
Let me be

A peacemaker !

Copyright © 2007 Fr. Louis Marie Navaratne O.S.B.


Ismaela said...

Excellent, Fr. Louis!

Gabriel said...

I love it! Brilliant!!!

Theresa Choong said...

Hi! Thanks for posting this. I have in fact been looking for Sr Louis. We lost contact since... if you're reading this comment, could you likely write to me "theresachoong (at)" thanks!

Resurrection NOW, Inc. said...

Hello... I would like to introduce myself... my name is Francis DeStefano, and I am very interested in the Shroud of Turin... I would very much like to get in touch with you... and you are welcome to visit my blog

Anonymous said...

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