Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Castello di Trebbio

My friend Mary Ann shot this image on her recent trip to Italy. I absolutely love it. The earthy tones remind me of Andrew Wyeth. The splash of the blue bicycle in the center is awesome...

Here is some history of Castello di Trebbio from Mary Ann.

This estate is called Castello di Trebbio and it once belonged to the Pazzi family who happened to be great rivals of the Medici’s because they had banking institutions as well. The Pazzi’s plotted revenge against the Medici’s in this very building because without them in the picture they would be the most powerful banking family in all of Florence as well as the sole rulers. The Pope at the time (not sure which one though) sided with the Pazzi and vowed his allegiance to them because the Medici family refused to loan him any more money b/c this Pope was in so much debt. The Pazzi enticed him because they promised that no matter how much debt he had they would continue to loan him money. So, the Pazzi came up with a plan to kill both Lorenzo and Giuliano de Medici in order to shake things up in the Medici world. This happened in the famous Duomo in Florence during the 15th century. They succeeded in killing Giuliano but Lorenzo survived and the Medici’s continued as the rulers of Florence. As per our tour guide, this conspiracy is just as important as the assasination of JFK because it rocked the Renaissance world. If the both Medici’s had been killed who knows what would have happened to Florence, to all the arts they commissioned as well as their banking empire. Also, after the Pazzi’s were captured and executed the Medici’s gave the Holy See two Popes; this was their revenge to the Vatican.

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