Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Walk through the Woods on Labor Day

After weeks of intense summer heat here in New Jersey, Labor Day finally brought with it some fresh fall weather. Although it is a bit too early for cool mornings, we welcome it and thank God for the gift. Labor Day morning I drove up to the Mills Reservation. I walked the path through the woods and enjoyed the cool breeze, the singing birds, the silence. These walks always remind me of Robert Frost. How these walks of silence stirred up something in his heart that provided him with the grace to write - and to write well. An amazing gift. Here is a good poem by Martin Swords.

A Walk In The Woods With Robert Frost

Overcast but warm,
The day dry, unusually.
Walking the woods with the dogs
As many times before.
Lucy and Tig, away in the rough dark deep,
Yipping with the scent of deer, excited.
Ruby, river scrambling, biting
At the bogwater, wagging, from the shoulders back

Along the old familiar track, into
The clearing where the roads diverge.
I stopped and stood. Which way to go?
Think of another Poet, and roads not taken.
Yes, I’ve been here before. This way I came.
That way I saw a squirrel once.

And down that way a badger
Straight on, the Mill Pond where ducks dabble.
Behind me then a stag, stares my way, and
Startled, slips into the wood.
I think again of Robert Frost and look a different way.
I stand a while. I turn, retrace my steps, recall, relive,
I’ll write this down, and this will be
The road I’ve taken.

Martin Swords June ‘07

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