Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Favorite Devotions (tagged by a Chocolate Heart)

Looks like I have been tagged by "My Chocolate Heart."

So here a few of my favorite devotions...

1 . Eucharistic Adoration (He is always first!)

2. Holy Rosary
( especially Sat mornings at the Missionaries of Charity soup kitchen)

3. The Divine Office
(maybe not a devotion, but I am devoted to it)

4. Late night reading of Thomas Merton's journals.
* I am close to Merton, he was very human, like me.
I think I am a closet Trappist

5. Monthly meeting with my spiritual director (who is a Friar of the Renewal)
* and praying Compline with the brothers

6. Evening prayer with my "diaconate" class brothers
(before our Monday and Tuesday night classes)

What are your favorite devotions?


Victor S E Moubarak said...

God bless you Brian.

One request: when you pray, please say one for me. I sure need it.

Best wishes.

Joanne Cucinello said...

Hello Brian,
I'd love to share my simple devotions with you, and they are:

To sit quietly by my window very early in the morning, just as the sun begins to rise and I am filled with gratefulness that I have been given my life and another day. I spend some moments smiling at the sun and feeling like a child again, basking in my Father's love.

I praise His faithfulness and His immense love and forgiveness. I pray that I can be present to the needs of those who come to me this day.

I look at the moon and stars in the heavens some nights and I am filled with awe at God's majesty
. . . and the gift of our human consciousness . . . that we alone, of all creation, can ponder and wonder at His mighty works, that we alone of all creation are made in His likeness.

And then my devotion is: Alleluia!!