Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More on Discipleship

In the words of Blessed Mother Teresa – “It is in the contemplation of the crucified Christ that all vocations find their inspiration.” Look behind me, set your eyes and your mind on the crucified Christ? Do you see His suffering? Do you see and feel the outpouring of love for you and me? Do you more immediately and profoundly experience the truth of God - who is love?” “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” We can only be inspired by Jesus, who gave his all – to free us - gifting us with a redeeming hope. Pope Benedict says this loving act of Jesus is “radical humility, which is in stark contrast with human pride, truly an expression of divine love; it is followed by that elevation into Heaven to which God attracts us with his love.” By meditating on the suffering Christ, with the helping grace of the Holy Spirit, we will discern his call – and then act upon it. To follow Him. To imitate Him.

By answering that call to Discipleship – we are placed on a sure path to heaven. To reach that ultimate reality – we must travel through the cross. There is no other way – it is through the narrow gate. The Christian must accept suffering – not any kind of suffering - a holy suffering. Suffering has no power and no value of its own. Suffering must be consecrated to God by faith - not by faith in suffering, but by faith in God.

We find our vocation in the meditation of the crucified Christ. So what is our vocation? As a Lay Missionary of Charity, I learned the charism of Mother Teresa by working day by day with her sisters. Living whole-hearted and free service to the poorest of the poor. Mother’s charism is a total surrender – Her “simple path” applies to all Christians – it is truly our vocation.

We are sent by Jesus -

To be carriers of God’s love, ready to go in haste, like Mary – in search of souls,

We are to be burning lights that give light to all mankind

We are to be the salt of the earth

We are to be consumed with one desire – Jesus. To keep His interests continually in our hearts and minds, carrying our Lord to places he has not walked before.

To be fearless in doing things He did, courageously going through danger – and sometimes death with him and for him,

To accept joyously the need to die daily to bring souls to God

To be happy to undertake any labor and toil, and glad to make any sacrifice involved in our Christian life.

You may say – this is hard. Just keep your eye on the crucified Christ.

With God, nothing is impossible.


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