Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Spirit Acts in Every Corner of Creation

NASA released the first new images of our Sun today from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a probe launched on Feb. 11 to examine the layers of the sun, monitor solar storms and investigate the mysteries of the sun's inner workings.
The image is awesome. How awesome is our God !!

From our dear John Paul II :

The Spirit of God, present in creation and active in all the phases of salvation history, directs all things towards the definitive event of the Incarnation of the Word. Obviously, this Spirit is no different from the one who was given "not by measure" (cf. Jn 3:34) by the crucified and risen Christ. The same identical Holy Spirit prepares the advent of the Messiah in the world and, through Jesus Christ, is communicated by God the Father to the Church and to all humanity. The Christological and pneumatological dimensions are inseparable and not only run through the history of salvation, but the entire history of the world.


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