Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tim Tebow's "Focus on the Family" Superbowl Ad

God bless you Pam Tebow, you scored a touchdown for life!

* Check out "Focus on the Family" HERE


Anonymous said...

Obama's desire to repeal "Don't ask, don't tell" can actually help to fulfill the "days of Lot" (Luke 17, cf. Gen. 19), the fulfillment of which will hurry up the return of the Heavenly Commander-in-Chief who will make all things straight (pun intended)! Interesting Google articles include "Obama Supports Public Depravity," "Separation of Raunch and State" and "David Letterman's Hate Etc."
For some dessert visit Yahoo and type in "Obama Avoids Bible Verses."
PS - You're invited to use these new pro-life slogans: "Unborn babies should have the right to keep and bear arms - and legs and ears and eyes etc.!" and "Unborn babies should have the same right to be born alive that abortionists had!"
PPS - Super Bowl suits me to a T - Tim Tebow!

Kathleen's Catholic said...

I saw the ad and watched it few times, and I have to say that it made me smile. It certainly is a "feel good" ad. However, it might have been pro-life, but it really wasn't anti-abortion either. It was too soft. I can see why it was done this way so the network wouldn't balk. But isn't it sad that in this society we can't just come right out and say what we should say? That we need to tippy toe and be so ever meek with our message of Christ, which others NEED to hear? It was a beautiful ad, but it barely qualifies as part of the pro-life message. Let's pray that this will be just the base of the mountain--of the pro-life message getting out en mass--and not the pinacle. Let's hope this flame ignites a fire and doesn't die in its happy flicker.