Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Morning Rant

Here we are today, January 7Th, 2010. The events of the day are hard to fathom. Islamic terrorists on the attack, our government making secret plans behind closed doors - plans that will effect every American and their descendants. Over the New Years weekend, our president was vacationing with his family in Hawaii. The pictures of his vacation were all over the net and newspapers. Our president has a beautiful wife and lovely children. I know he loves them dearly as we all love our families. What is it then, how can you be pro-abortion and love your children? Something is twisted here. We all know that the unborn are children - human children. We do not need faith to tell us this, science has already agreed. If we keep up this attack on human life, what will become of our souls, what will become of America? Think about it. Mother Teresa spoke the same sentiment - "what can we do when a mother is willing to take the life of her own child"? You know that the Roman Empire lasted for many years, but it fell. The Roman society did not recognize the dignity of the human person. The United States has not existed for long. How long will it be until we fall? And do we really want to be like countries in Europe? Where euthanasia not only takes the life of the sick and elderly, but also children? I hope not.

To all good people of life - we have the votes to stop the "culture of death" from progressing in our country. We are heading down a dangerous road. Please please please - use your influence. Speak to your families, your neighbors, your co-workers. Let them know the truth. Do not be afraid! Speak to the children. Teach them the truth. They are lost. The children are the hope of America.

God bless you!

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Anonymous said...

Because I feel so strongly about it, unfortunately when I do speak up against abortion I find my behavior a cause of shame afterwards. I haven't figured this out yet. I think I need to pray more about it.