Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Words By Blessed Mother Teresa

When I was now in Oslo, they told me I had disturbed the Parliament because I spoke very strongly against abortion. I said that abortion is nothing but murder, a mother murdering her own child. I asked also: “Who was the first person to receive Christ, to acknowledge His presence? It was the unborn child” When Mary came with haste into Elizabeth’s house, the little child in the womb of his mother leaped with joy acknowledging the presence of Jesus. So he was the first human being, besides Our Lady, the first human being to recognize the presence of Christ. So I want you to pray very specially that we bring this more and more: that we really preserve the life of God in the unborn child….

I was surprised the other day, after I had spoken, everybody, even the king, came up said: “Thank you for speaking, nobody could have spoken as you spoke.” I prayed to God before I spoke. Afterwards this priest came to me and said: “Show a little mercy on those mothers that are doing that, don’t be so hard on that.” I said: “Father, I need to tell the truth and Jesus said: “I am the truth”, and we have to tell the truth and it is for them to use it or leave it.” …

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