Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Senate Defeats Nelson Amendment, How Sad

I am appalled, saddened and disgusted. Health care? How can you call a bill health care if it mandates the killing of children? And what about this president - the president of change. Didn't Mr. Obama say there would not be federal funding for abortion in this "health care" bill?
I hesitated to say it - but the truth must be heard. This president is a "LIAR." Politicians who vote yes to a bill that funds abortion are nothing but EVIL. I am called to pray for them, but it won't be easy.

The Senate Vote on Motion to Table (Kill) Nelson Amendment HERE


Gabriella said...

What sad news.

And today in Italy parliament passed the abortive (day after) pill, the RU486!

:( :( :(

My Chocolate Heart said...

I'm with you, Brian. 'Tis a very sad day, and how terribly ironic in the worst way that they did this on Mary's feast day.
May God yet save us from this terrible, evil bill.