Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fabio's Three Gifts To Jesus

In a Christmas letter I received from the Superior of the Missionaries of Charity, there is a wonderful story about a little boy named Fabio. Fabio learns that Jesus thirsts for us. Jesus wants to take all our problems and pains to Himself - and set us free. This freedom is our Christian hope. We await that glorious reality. Because of this knowing, our lives are forever changed.

Here is Fabio's story...

Fabio, 8 years old, is sitting in front of the crib and gazing at Baby Jesus. After some time he falls asleep and in his dream Baby Jesus becomes alive and looks at him with loving eyes and gently smiles at him. Jesus moves his lips, saying: "Fabio, will you give me three gifts?" He loved Baby Jesus very much and he thinks that maybe Jesus will ask him for his new bicycle, the new picture book and his new sweater. Seeing Jesus' expecting eyes, Fabio answers bravely: "Yes, Jesus, whatever you ask from me, I will give it to you."

"Fabio, will you give me the last composition you wrote at school?" Fabio holds his breath: "But Jesus, that one with the teacher's remark "failed"?" "Fabio, that one I want you to give to me and promise me that everything that fails in your life, you will always give to me." Fabio is relieved: "Yes, Jesus, I promise to do that."

"The second gift I want you to give me is your milk glass." Fabio feels very bad. "Jesus, it is broken." "I want it, and promise me that you will give me all that is broken in your life. Will you do that?" Fabio promised it willingly.

"The third gift I ask from you is the answer you gave your mother, when she asked you, how your milk glass got broken." Now Fabio breaks into tears, and cries bitterly: "This I cannot give you, Jesus. I told a lie, saying it dropped from my hand, but in reality I had smashed it on the floor in anger." "I want you to give me this lie, and all the lies in your life. Will you do that?" Fabio's eyes are downcast, slowly he lifts his head and he looks at Jesus' loving eyes and his gentle smile. Hope and trust fill his heart as he promises: "Yes, Jesus, I will always give you my lies."

Then Fabio wakes up and his heart is filled with deep peace and a new joy. He knows: "Jesus, my Saviour, is born in my heart today."

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