Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent Sunday

"Jesus is the Hope of the World"

Like foolish folk of old I would not be, Who had no room that night for Him and thee. See, Mother Mary, here within my heart I've made a little shrine for Him apart; Swept it of sin, and cleansed it with all care; Warmed it with love and scented it with prayer. So, Mother, when the Christmas anthems start, Please let me hold your baby--in my heart.

Advent Prayer - Sr. Maryanna, O.P.University of Dayton

Image "First Day of Advent" by ©bjm

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Gabriella said...

What a beautiful prayer, Brian, thanks for sharing it.

... Please let me hold your baby in my heart ... just a few beautiful words that say it all and fully explain what Advent should be for us.