Friday, October 2, 2009

The Virgin of Suyapa, Patroness of Honduras

The Virgin of Suyapa (Spanish: Virgen de Suyapa) is an 18th-century statue of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. The statue, also known as the Our Lady of Suyapa (Spanish: Nuestra Señora de Suyapa), is perhaps Honduras' most popular religious image, and the focus of an extensive pilgrimage. The statue is kept in Suyapa, a suburb of the capital Tegucigalpa, and toured through various other parts of the country each year in early February. Many thousands of people from all over Central America make pilgrimages to visit the statue on her name day, February 3rd, a commemoration of the day she was found. The statue has been stolen and then recovered on two occasions.

Here is a good article written by Nicholas Casey of the Wall Street Journal. The politicians in Honduras need some help with their political woes. So now they are seeking some "divine intervention." Maybe this a good idea!

When All Else Fails, Nation Turns To the Virgin of Suyapa for a Miracle

SUYAPA, Honduras -- In the past three months, a slew of Latin American presidents, foreign ministers, ambassadors and even a Nobel Peace Prize winner, have failed to find a solution to the political standoff that has split Honduras. Now, many despairing Hondurans say, may be time for a little divine intervention.

So every day, more and more Hondurans are calling on the Virgin of Suyapa, a 3-inch statuette of the Virgin Mary, made of dark wood and nicknamed La Morenita, or the Little Dark One, for help. Over the centuries, La Morenita, which was found on a hillside in 1747 and now makes its home at a small whitewashed colonial church near the capital, has been credited with sundry miracles, from curing kidney stones to ending a brief war.

"I've asked her to intervene," said Abad Zelaya, 42 years old, a pharmacist and no relation to ousted President Manuel Zelaya, who has been holed up in the Brazilian embassy for more than a week since he sneaked back into Tegucigalpa. Mr. Zelaya's ouster three months ago has led many countries, including the U.S., to suspend aid to one of the hemisphere's poorest countries.

"The Virgin can perform this miracle," said Gustavo Sauceda, a teacher waiting in a long line to pray to the Virgin, the patroness of Honduras and its armed forces. "She has resolved some of our people's largest problems in the past, and she can fix what's happening now."

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Gabriella said...

They're certainly a great example to many of our leaders here in Europe. The members of all European governments think they can do without God's help ... and some think they're God!!!
I'm sure the Virgin of Suyapa listens to all her pilgrims.