Thursday, October 15, 2009

St. Augustine's New Christian Life

I spent most of today reading "Spe Salvi", Pope Benedict's Encyclical Letter on Christian Hope. By no means do I have a complete grasp of this letter. It is very deep. One reading will never suffice. I would like to share with you paragraph #29.

In Augustine's words:

“The turbulent have to be corrected, the faint-hearted cheered up, the weak supported; the Gospel's opponents need to be refuted, its insidious enemies guarded against; the unlearned need to be taught, the indolent stirred up, the argumentative checked; the proud must be put in their place, the desperate set on their feet, those engaged in quarrels reconciled; the needy have to be helped, the oppressed to be liberated, the good to be encouraged, the bad to be tolerated; all must be loved. The Gospel terrifies me."

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