Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New Apparition at Knock?

Archbishop Michael Neary is an Irish clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the current Archbishop of Tuam. The Archbishop has warned against reports that the Virgin Mary will soon appear at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock, the site of a reported apparition in 1879. A Mr Coleman. a Ballyfermot man, claims he has had regular visions of Our Lady since 1986.

A few years ago my wife Mary and I visited the "Our Lady of Knock" Shrine at Knock Ireland. It is an enchanting place and certainly a shrine where you can expect to receive many graces. There had to be a thousand people all together reciting the rosary.

I also gave an unsuccessful try at climbing nearby Croagh Patrick (Cruach Phádraig), Ireland's holy mountain, where St. Patrick is said to have fasted forty days on the summit. I guess my asthma got the best of me.

Here is an interesting article out of the Mayo News, written by Michael Commins and Anton McNulty, concerning Archbishop Michael Neary - and possible new?apparitions at Knock.

THE Archbishop of Tuam, Dr Michael Neary has criticised those who are encouraging people to believe that apparitions will take place at Knock Shrine.
Earlier this month, thousands of people were in Knock after Dublin faith healer, Joe Coleman claimed that Our Lady would appear at the Shrine. However, in a statement released yesterday (Monday) Archbishop Neary criticised these predictions saying that events at the Shrine risk misleading God's people and undermining faith. He added that the Shrine would be best served by maintaining its ‘authentic identity’ and such events are to be regretted rather than be encouraged.

“Knock is a much loved place of pilgrimage and prayer. Ever since the apparition in 1879, believers from home and abroad have made the pilgrimage there in increasing numbers. Such faith makes Knock pilgrims firm in hope and active in love for the sick and suffering. They do not expect visions or seek further apparitions.
“God has manifested Himself in Jesus Christ and His people have responded ever since. It is not healthy, does not give glory to God and certainly is not good witness to the faith to be looking for extraordinary phenomena. The apparition of 1879 was neither sought nor expected by the humble, honest people who were its astonished witnesses. Their faith reveals the patience and humility that characterises true belief. The Shrine of Knock is living witness to that faith.

“Unfortunately, recent events at the Shrine obscure this essential message. They risk misleading God’s people and undermining faith. For this reason such events are to be regretted rather than encouraged. The Shrine of Knock will be best served by retaining its authentic identity,” he said. Archbishop Neary released the statement after claims that several thousand people are expected in Knock on next Saturday, October 31, for the second predicted ‘happening’ by Mr Coleman. The Ballyfermot man, who claims he has regular visions of Our Lady since,1986, says another ‘spiritual awakening’ will take place at the Shrine this coming Saturday afternoon.

The rest of the article is HERE.

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Catherine said...

The so called 'apparitions' began with Joe Coleman who is a psychic medium and spiritualist. The practice of spiritualism goes against our faith. He speaks to spirits and is referred to in almost every article I have seen as a clairvoyant. For Catholics or any Christians to follow such people calls into question the leadership of the Church in Ireland at the moment. The Shepherds are not feeding the people and so they are open to all sorts of so called visionaries, mystics and self proclaimed healers, who come and take advantage of the people's vulnerabilities and their yearnings for a deeper spirituality.
Knock is a very special place and it is under spiritual attack because of the power of so much prayer.