Monday, October 19, 2009

The Lost Key

In "Trappist" Father Thomas Keating's book "The Human Condition", Fr. Keating shares the Sufi story of "The Lost Key." it goes as follows...

A Sufi master had lost the key to his house and was looking for it in the grass outside. He got down on his hands and knees and started running his fingers through every blade of grass. Along came eight or ten of his disciples. They said, “Master, what is wrong?”

He said, “I have lost the key to my house.”
They said, “Can we help you find it?”
He said, “I’d be delighted.”
So they all got down on their hands and knees and started running their fingers through the grass.
As the sun grew hotter, one of them said, “Master, have you any idea where you might have lost the key?”
The Master replied, “Of course. I lost it in the house.”
To which they all exclaimed, “Then why are we looking for it out here?”
He said, “Isn’t it obvious? There is more light here.”

What an interesting story. What is this key? It is the key to happiness, the key to the very experience of God's presence in ourselves. It seems that so many of us have lost the key. Because our good God has gifted us with "desire", a "thirst" for Himself, we are always searching for the key. Problem is, we are looking in all the wrong places. Certainly in our modern era, the distractions and obstacles are numerous.We search the easy places, in the light - where it can not be found.

We can only find the key inside ourselves. With quiet prayer - meditation - contemplation - the key can be found.

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Great story. Thanx for sharing it. There's a lot of truth in what is being taught here.

God bless.