Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Heard the Voice of Jesus

This past Sunday I attended Holy Mass at St. Joseph's Abbey (Trappist) in Spencer, Massachusetts. Holy Mass with the Trappists is extraordinary. The processional hymn for this Twenty-Eighth Sunday of the year was "I Heard the Voice of Jesus." Our voices join with the music and we rise to prayer. The words of the hymn speak to us plainly - are we not weary, worn and sad? We come to Our Lord with all our woes and rest in him - we are safe, protected. He promises us an everlasting joy. This is our Christian Hope.

Here is a video of Anthony Way singing "I Heard the Voice of Jesus." He has an amazing voice.

Below is a copy of the program from Sunday Holy Mass.

* above image of St. Joseph's Abbey - Spencer, Mass.

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John said...


Thanks for sharing this wonderful post! I love singing! I am also in a choir( two actually). I loved the video! I wish I had Anthony Way's voice!:) Again thanks for this great post!

Blessings on this wonderful day:)