Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Father Andrew Trapp - The Poker Playing Priest Wins $100,000

Here is a fun story out of the NC Register - Father Andrew Trapp, parochial vicar at St. Michael Church in Garden City, S.C., has won $100,000 on Fox TV’s new “Pokerstars Million Dollar Challenge.”

The poker-playing priest plans to go “all in” with his winnings, by donating them to towards construction of a new parish church, Catholic News Service reported. And courtesy of his victory, Father Trapp is now in the running to compete against three other poker players in a championship round in December for a $1 million additional prize.


Gabriella said...

Good for him! :)

There's a quiz program on Italian TV, it's based more on luck than knowledge, and a priest from a small parish is participating - he's hoping to win so he can repair the tumble-down church of his village :)

Diane J. Tabor said...

This is just so thrilling and beautiful to see someone how use poker for a real good cause, not for him bank account.
this man is really going with the advance of times, instead of keep asking for charity money he is using he's abilities to make money for his holy cause.