Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remembering Jim Pouillon

Here is a picture of Jim Pouillon confronting Planned Parenthood. Jim was right there in the trenches!

Yesterday I read a disturbing article. It said that most newspapers and online media did not cover the story of Jim Pouillon's murder as they had covered the story of Dr. Tiller. I am sorry to say, there was no mention of Jim Pouillon on this blog. I should have posted Jim's story - Jim is a hero. So here I will try to make amends.

I have a personal friend, who I will call "D". "D" is not only a staunch pro-lifer in mind, but a staunch pro-lifer in actions. Every Saturday morning "D" kneels and prays the rosary near an abortion mill in Hackensack New Jersey. With great love and prayer, she asks all who enter to please reconsider. Many have. "D" is prepared to help the family in any way necessary - food, clothing, furniture - and if necessary, money ("D" has a lot of friends). "D" has saved many lives. Some of those saved parents and children attend Mass with us and our MC family on Sundays. Mother Teresa said that the greatest destroyer of peace is abortion. In Mother's words "If you do not want the child, give the child to me." Mother is a great example of God's love. You and me are also called to be that example. Are you and me willing to take the child? God bless you Jim!

This article is out of CNA:

Memorial service for murdered pro-life activist to be held Wednesday

Owosso, Mich.(CNA)- Friends and family of murdered pro-life activist Jim Pouillon will gather to pray and remember him at Willman Football Stadium in Owosso, Michigan on Wednesday afternoon.

Following the gathering, friends of Pouillon will gather to pray and rally in opposition to violence against innocent people in front of the local Planned Parenthood. Both events are open to the public.

"We must emulate Jim's example as a follower of Jesus Christ and public defender of pre-born babies," Cal Zastrow of PersonhoodUSA said in a press release. "We will join together in Owosso to praise Jesus Christ, remember Jim, and continue to speak out against all violence against the innocent - the tragic violence that killed Jim on September 11th, and the tragic violence that kills thousands of pre-born babies daily at Planned Parenthood.

“Being pro-life doesn't save any babies from murder, but acting pro-life does."

Pouillon. who was dependent upon an oxygen tank and leg braces, was killed in front of Owosso High School where he was holding a sign protesting abortion. One side of the sign depicted a baby with the word “Life” above.

His accused murderer, 33-year-old Harlan Drake, told detectives he targeted Pouillon because he was “offended by the manner of his message.”

Drake is also accused of murdering a local businessman shortly after he killed Pouillon. Drake reportedly planned to kill a third man but was arrested before he could do so.

In a Friday interview with CNA, Zastrow described his friend Pouillon as a “wonderful, Christian, peaceful man” who was “very non-violent.”

“Jim was ready for this. His life had been threatened many, many times,” he said. “He never approved of violence and he never threatened anybody.”


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