Friday, September 18, 2009

Nuns On The Beach

Sisters from Mother Teresa of Calcutta's Missionaries of Charity show visiting nun Sister Dorothy, in the wheelchair, the island's recovery from Hurricane Ike as they walk along the Galveston Seawall in Texas Monday.

I received an email from a priest friend of mine today. Attached to the mail was the above picture out of USA Today. Knowing that I spend a lot of time with the MC sisters, he knew I would want this picture.

This picture brings to mind a story. I am FULL of stories. A few years ago, my wife, myself, and some other MC volunteers and MC sisters brought two busloads of elderly homebound folks down to the Jersey shore for a bar-b-cue dinner. Yes, two busloads! A fine pastor at the local shore Parish who knew the sisters was kind enough to let us use his facility for dinner and celebrate Holy Mass for us. Everyone was having a real fun time. Then sister said to me, "Brian - don't you think we should bring everyone to the beach? these people never get to see the water." I said " Sister, the beach here is private - you have to have a badge, and that costs money." Sister decided that both of us should walk up to the beach and ask the beach officer if we could bring the people on to the beach, for just a few minutes. When we arrived I spotted the beach police officer. We both went up to him and asked him if it would be OK - for just a few minutes. The officer, just a teenager, said "Absolutely not! This is a private beach - I could get in BIG trouble."

Then I committed a venial sin (I think) . I said to the boy,

"Do you know who Mother Teresa is" ?

"Of course I do, the boy said."

I said to him slowly, looking at sister... "Well?????"

After a minute of deep thought, he said "OK - for just five minutes."

So - Sister and I walked back to the parish, about two blocks from the beach. We loaded the people back into the two buses. We drove to the end of the beach block - got everyone out out - and proceeded to walk everyone onto the beach, with their wheel chairs (carried) and canes. Well, you would not believe the looks we got from all the folks sunning themselves on this very prestigious beach. Slowly, we brought everyone down to the water - the sisters took their sandals off and got their feet wet (that's big!) and everyone had a lovely time.

The sisters always say "God will take care of everything."

And you know what? - I believe they are right!


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Gabriella said...

What a beautiful story, Brian! :)
No venial sin there - you didn't say anything, you just looked ahahahahah.
Rather than sin I see a lot of grace pouring over the whole group.
The good these nuns do is awesome - let's always keep them in our prayers.
Thank you.