Saturday, August 1, 2009

They're Attacking Catholic Priests in Vietnam!

Christian persecution is not just a one time event that occurred 2000 years ago - in the Roman Coliseum. It is an on-going event happening every day in many parts of the world. It persists in Sudan, Laos, China, Cuba, Somalia...and also Vietnam. Even here in America, Catholics are experiencing a persecution. Though subtle now, the future may be much worse. Make no mistake - the evil one is relentless.

Here is a very important article written by Deacon Keith Fournier in Catholic Online. It concerns the persecution of Catholic priests in Vietnam - Today!

Stop the New Vietnam War: They're Attacking Catholic Priests!

HANOI (Catholic Online) – The news out of Vietnam demonstrates a reality which few acknowledge these days when we mistakenly think we have become so “enlightened”, the existence of evil. It demands immediate global responsive action. There is a new “Vietnam War” underway. The enemies of life, freedom and true liberation are attacking Catholic priests in Vietnam!

The leftover remnant of the discredited and inhuman ideology of Maoism is now turning its ire against what has always been its greatest enemy, the only true humanism, the Christian faith. The fullness of that Christian faith, with the only systematic social development of the implications of that new and true humanism which can inform a new social movement, is the Catholic faith. That is why the denizens of death and the carriers of such a discredited ideology as Marxism have decided to strike against the Catholic Church by striking its shepherds and trying to scatter the sheep. (Zech 13:7)

Old Marxists never die, they just recreate themselves. Claiming, as their founders did, that the new man (or new woman) can somehow be created through a Statist manipulation of the political and economic order, they keep morphing into new expressions and pushing their old lies. In an age which has become what Pope Benedict rightly labeled a “dictatorship of relativism”, rejecting all truth claims, they are finding traction once again.

Yet, in Vietnam, they have not changed all that much in their message or their means. Marxism, and its evil clone, the anti-life, anti-freedom and anti-human ideology of the cultural revolution of the former tyrant, the Chairman Mao Zedong, continue to enforce their agenda through State sponsored violence. Their greatest enemy is still the only champion of true freedom, the Catholic Church and the message which she proclaims of true human liberation in Jesus Christ.

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