Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sister Pauline and Pax

Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Pax,
and Sr. Pauline Quinn,OP.

Sr. Pauline's words: “When I was a young girl, having a very difficult life, I felt there was no hope. I was very wounded because of what some people did to me.. but the Lord helped me to flow with the pain. With great determination, I followed my vocation and went to Italy. It was here that I no longer saw barriers that wouldn't move but rather I saw challenges and saw that with the help of the Lord, barriers can be moved and hearts could be changed.. and I moved through the darkness and into the light. It is not easy when people put up barriers but that is a testimony to their own lives.. how they view the world.. but even they can change and can become renewed. Becoming a Dominican was a Grace from God...not because it gave me identity but rather it gave my life purpose.. to be in a family that was working in their unique ways to make this a better world. When my suffering took on meaning.. and my hope in the Lord took root and I then understood my mission in life. Becoming a Dominican, doing projects to serve the Lord is the greatest road that I could have ever taken.

I was surfing the net, looking for information about golden retrievers. You probably know, I have a pretty golden named Shelby. There are a few pics of Shelby in my blog, somewhere. She is a sweetheart. As a matter of fact, Shelby had her bath and grooming today, and she came home with a pretty bow on her head. Anyway, as I was surfing, I came upon the name of a Dominican Sister named Sr. Pauline Quinn, OP. and her golden retriever "Pax." I clicked on the site and came up with a very moving article about Sister Pauline and her dog Pax. It is a story of love and compassion.

There are too many words for this post. I set up a link to the story below. You can read it online or print it. Let me know how this story touched you...

Link > "Touched by the Peacemaker"

Sister Pauline Quinn, OP is a member of the
"Community of the Resurrection"
in Casco Maine.

For more info on Sister Pauline, click HERE

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Anne said...

Thank you so much Brian for sharing this great story. Sister Pauline is beautiful and so are the pictures of her community! Wish I was there in person!

May God bless you always for all you do!