Thursday, August 27, 2009

Novena in preparation of Blessed Mother Teresa's Feast day September 5th

Convent Chapel - Missionaries of Charity - New Jersey

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, longing to love Jesus as He had never been loved before, you gave yourself entirely to Him, refusing Him nothing. In union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you accepted His call to satiate His infinite thirst for love and souls and become a carrier of His love to the poorest of the poor. With loving trust and total surrender you fulfilled His will, witnessing to the joy of belonging totally to Him. You became so intimately united to Jesus your crucified Spouse that He deigned to share with you the agony of His Heart as He hung upon the Cross.

Blessed Teresa, you promised to continuously bring the light of love to those on earth; pray for us that we also may long to satiate the burning thirst of Jesus by loving Him ardently, sharing in His sufferings joyfully, and serving Him wholeheartedly in our brothers and sisters, especially those most unloved and unwanted. Amen

Today we will begin the Novena in preparation of Blessed Mother Teresa's Feast Day on September 5th. If you would like to join the Missionaries of Charity and the MC family in praying the novena, click on the following link. You will find instructions on the site to help guide you in prayer through all nine days.

> Novena for Blessed Mother Teresa

Our Blessed Mother, dressed up by the sisters

Mother's feast Day 2008


John said...

Thank you for posting this Novena! It is wonderful!:) Also thank for sending me the link to Sponsa Christi! I enjoyed the video! I am from Milwaukee and I sang at the Cathedral their. I met with Archbishop Dolan many times at his house and at Church. He blessed me for my vocation on Easter Sunday when he left for New York. He is very deeply missed here in Milwaukee. I still get sad when I see him on television!:) Thanks again for posting this novena and for sending me that link!:)

God Bless You!

Steve said...

Hi Mr Brian i am a Nigerian from south eastern part my language is Igbo i dont know "Ebu" probably he is from other tribe u can ask him. Yes i like music of all types especially good music because is the food of soul. I actually had a fate trip things just does n't happen. I found my self in England when i never expected it them from there to five other european nations, i am studying Hospitality management final year Bsc in poland, travelling is also part of it. Like i wrote in your blog comment I like Mother theresa i aspire to render selfless service and i am begining to see my self that i will make a good diplomat especially in the church but i dont how and when. Hopefully i will try and follow your instructions thanks

Steve said...

Re u a Catholic blog directory memeber? i am i suggest you put your blog on there it's typical catholic blog resource
email Andrea to add your blog find his email in contact me in that page bye

Anne said...

Are you familiar with "View from the Domestic Church" blog by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle? She is also posting about the Novena. She knew Mother Teresa personally and has written a book about her experiences with her.