Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lady Bug....

A Lady Bug high up in the air, looking down into a category five hurricane, concerned that at any moment, she will fall into its eye. I don't think this Lady Bug is a happy camper.

Here is a poem by Marie Lawrence

A Ladybug of Culture

There was a little ladybug
who was quite a sophisticate;
many she would educate
on topics in the news,
when 'er she expressed her views.

She had a great knowledge of opera,
even knew all the classes of lepidoptera-
on figuring out chess moves she proved astute
and loved to play Debussy on the flute.

In her polka dotted suit
with decorative hat she looked quite cute,
as she debated most eloquently
on a point which she considered moot.

She could speak many different languages,
could do elegant flower arrangements,
bought China in a fancy boutique
selecting only those pieces that were most unique.

She could create wonderful culinary delights,
her rose garden was truly a magnificent sight;
she loved to write poetic verse,
and on the meaning of many she loved to converse.

On essays by Milton she would often expound,
knew all about gravity, light waves, and sound...
not only knowledgeable was she in physics
but even the spiritual realm of mystics!

This little bug who was so erudite
would sit in her garden with her bonnet,
and write a most charming sonnet-
that even Shakespeare
would have found to his delight.

She was versed in astronomy
and Ptolemy-
zoology, entymology,
even anthropology.

She would wax philosophically
on many subjects,
from the plays of Sophocles
to the formula of a triangle, isosceles.

The epitome of social grace,
she would use only doilies made out of lace;
adhering strictly to the rules of Emily Post
she was regarded as the perfect host.

She was a wordsmith the likes
you have never seen-
could define syllogism, colloquialism
and every "ism"
in between-
even ventriloquism.

There wasn't much that
she didn't know,
with dexterity she could even sew,
so many things this little lady could do...
even make a wonderful veggie gumbo with roux.

Indeed this little lady
was so refine,
that only on vegetables
would she dine.

I wish I knew where
'er she went;
I often wondered
from where she was sent.

This little bug so fair,
was last seen with gilded wing
just floating in air;
yes, truly sublime,
she was so... extraordinaire.

- Marie Lawrence
* Above image: Lady Bug on Glass ©bjm


Anne said...

Frian, I like your George Washington bridge comic, and the lady bug picture with this post. I also enjoyed your picture and prayer for Our Lady of Guadalupe. I keep a holy card of her on my bulletin board at work, it reminds me that she is the Patroness of the Unborn.

Yesterday I met a woman who was pregnant and didn't want to keep her baby. Her other children were adults and she didn't want to raise another baby. But she said "I don't kill babies. I'm going to take care of myself, deliver this baby nice and healthy, and give it up for adoption. I can do nine months, but I can't manage another 18 years as a single parent." I hardly ever hear things like that! It made my day!

Anne said...

Sorry about the typo on your name! Oops!