Thursday, August 6, 2009

E-letter from the Friars, Why a Year for Priests?

Why A Year For Priests?

You may have heard that priests are under demonic attack more than anyone else. I tend to believe that this is true. When tens of thousands of priests are faithfully ministering, it rarely makes the news. When one priest falls off the wagon the coverage and ensuing scandal are colossal. Everyone loves a scandal. “The corruption of the best is the worst.” So many people become discouraged (to say the least) when a priest follows the path of Judas Iscariot. Take out the shepherd and scatter the sheep is good war strategy. I have met people who have lukewarm faith because they were hurt by a priest. In some cases the same people may have known several good priests and one bad priest ruined it all.

So, let us make the most of this Year For Priests. Pray for priests, especially those who are most in need of prayer. Some priests today feel like they are considered guilty until proven innocent, and then probably guilty nonetheless. I have heard heart-breaking stories from good priests that would make you cry. Encourage priests – I dare say that many priests receive much grief and little encouragement.

Pray, pray, pray,

Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher, CFR


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Anne said...

I think that's right that many priests receive grief rather than encouragement. We have the power to change that. With every kind word, smile, friendly gesture, compliment and most of all prayer, we can encourage and uplift our priests in their ministry which will allow them to uplift so many more people each day.

Thank you for this wonderful post! I tagged you on my blog today. You do such a great job and I wanted to share my joy about this blog with others. I hope you don't mind!