Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Children Are A Blessing

Here is a very good article out of the NC Register, written by Deacon Lewis T. Ferris. The article concerns openness to life. Let us remember that Jesus loves the children. remember His words, "Let the little children come to me."

Think Baby Positive, Not Pregnancy Negative

I recently attended a very good lecture on natural family planning. True enough, it was designed to be a clinical talk by a medical doctor to a roomful of permanent deacons. However, halfway through the presentation, I realized that the whole discussion surrounding natural family planning often tends to underscore the clinical to the exclusion of the spiritual.

Shouldn’t we be emphasizing the joys of having children rather than the acceptable Catholic way of not having children?

Now, I don’t mean to criticize at all the dedicated couples who promote natural family planning. In fact, my wife Freda and I know many NFP couples who have very large families.

But sometimes I think we Catholics are buying into the secular society’s negative attitude toward having children. There has to come a time when we just trust God with the question of how many children he wants each couple to have.

At the birth of our first child, Freda contracted kidney disease. Shortly after the birth of our second child, we were strongly advised by our obstetrician-gynecologist that she should be sterilized. Something (an impulse of the Holy Spirit?) told us not to do it.

We went to the first large Catholic Charismatic Renewal conference in 1974 in Atlantic City, N.J., where Freda was “prayed over” for her kidney problems. She experienced a rush of warmth and a sense of healing.

Shortly after that, her kidney doctor told her that her right kidney had somehow compensated and took on the functioning of her left kidney. Years later, another ob-gyn told us that getting pregnant was bad for a woman’s kidneys, but they “now know” that it actually improves renal function.

I have worked in the medical profession as a pharmaceutical representative for many years and have often heard the “we used to think, but now know” phrase.

Well, our four children, who were conceived after the proposed sterilization, certainly are glad that we listened to the teachings of the Church and the prompting of the Holy Spirit and not to the physician 30 years ago.

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Anne said...

Thank you so much for this Brian! I just had a lovely conversation with my very passionate niece about NFP. This is very timely!