Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New Jersey Woman's Act of Love

Catholic parishioner Clare S. Liptak displays a few of the donated sewing machines that will be sent to Tanzania for women there to sew clothes for themselves and their families. A member of Mary, Mother of God Parish, in Hillsborough, N.J., Liptak shipped 30 machines to the African nation in 2008 and hopes this summer to ship 50 more, along with fabric and other sewing supplies.

This story is out of With all the bad news today, it is nice to read some good news, about a woman's act of love, by providing for her neighbor. Jesus said "What you have done for the least of my brothers, you have done for me." Clare Liptak is living out her Christian faith. She is a wonderful role model for all Christians.

New Jersey parishioner collects sewing machines for poor in Africa By Chris Donahue

Clare S. Liptak is combining her Catholic faith with a love of sewing to help the poor in Africa stitch together a better life.

Liptak, a member of Mary, Mother of God Parish, collects fabric and sewing machines to send to women in Tanzania to sew clothes for themselves and their families. She and her friend Kathleen "Kat" Wilson have 140 sewing machines in storage at Mary, Mother of God and another 19 at Liptak's home.

Liptak shipped 30 machines to Tanzania in 2008. This summer, she hopes to send 50 more along with fabric, sewing supplies, carpentry tools, equipment for a culinary program and children's books. The container being used to ship the items is supposed to be loaded Aug. 7.

The machines remaining in storage are awaiting shipment to poor families in rural Kentucky, she said.

"It is really a lot of fun to do this, and the people who donate are very generous," Liptak told The Catholic Spirit, newspaper of the Metuchen Diocese. "Often the machine has been in their family a long time and they want it to be used. They don't want their grandmother's sewing machine to be thrown away."

Liptak traveled to Tanzania in 2008 and plans to return in June 2010.

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CNS photo/Chris Donahue, The Catholic Spirit

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