Friday, July 24, 2009

"Ask the Animals, and They will Teach You". Job 12:7-12

I have mentioned my dog Shelby in a number of posts. Well, here she is! We had an interesting event this morning. About 5AM, we let Shelby out the back door, into the back yard, after her early breakfast. All of a sudden - she began to growl and bark loudly. This is not the norm for Shelby, she is a very peaceful dog. Sitting on the fence that separates our yard and our neighbors yard was a RACCOON! Shelby didn't like the raccoon. The raccoon was making hissing sounds. The raccoon was understandably unsettled, as Shelby had just ruined a good "garbage can" meal. I ran outside and grabbed Shelby by the collar and brought her back into the house. I don't think my neighbors were too happy with all the noise so early in the morning.
At least it wasn't a SKUNK. We have been through that before.

LORD, we know we have been lovingly
CREATED in your image...
and given "DOMINION" over all other living creatures...
neither to conquer, nor to dominate, nor to exploit...
but to defend and sustain these noble "others"
with generosity, justice, and mercy worthy of our divine charge.
Father, bless us with the humility
to recognize and cherish their sacredness
and their manifold gifts to humanity...
inspire us to know you and to love you ever more
through our spiritual union with our animal companions
and every living thing on earth.
Creator GOD, speak to us
through the wisdom of the Holy Scriptures,
and the Saints and the animals
with whom they communed in peace and understanding...
Make us One in your Kingdom of Love!


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