Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goodbye to the King of Pop

Today we all heard the sad news of Michael Jackson's passing. When you grow up with someone, and they die, you feel as though a piece of your own life has been taken away. I grew up with the Beatles and I grew up with Michael Jackson, watching him and his brothers on our black and white TV, so many years ago.

The Jackson 5 - They sang the songs that I can't forget, "I want you back", "I'll be there"... then Michael struck out on his own - making great records like "Off the Wall", and maybe the biggest selling album ever - "Thriller." Thriller was and is an awesome album, featuring that scary character,Vincent Price! And Michael's gift of dancing, all you can say is -WOW-. Michael had passion. Do you remember the tribute he did for Sammy Davis Jr.? Find it on YouTube... you won't be sorry.

Of course, we all know of the controversy - but that has been put to rest, only God can judge. We can not deny that Michael Jackson was a great dancer and singer. And we have been blessed to be alive to witness his art.

Tonight there will be video clips of Michael Jackson dancing and singing all over the Internet and TV. I decided to post a video featuring my favorite Michael Jackson song the "Man in the Mirror." You won't see any images of Michael in this video. Just some images to help us look at the "man in the mirror", and know that he has to change his ways.

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