Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Communion on Pentecost

On Pentecost Sunday, the children who attend our mission Church, received their First Holy Communion. Our Church is also home base for the Missionaries of Charity. The Holy Mass was celebrated by Father Albert Holtz,O.S.B. Our friends Maria and Simon were Lectors. Diana was the music director. The Lord graced us with a beautiful sunny day. All the children were dressed splendidly for the occasion. They were so excited - the thought of receiving Jesus in His Body and Blood was on their minds for so long - now the day had finally arrived.

Let me share with you here some words by Fr. Brian, MC. regarding Mother Teresa's devotion to the Eucharist:

Mother received Holy Communion with tremendous devotion. If there happened to be a second Mass celebrated in Mother House on a given day, she would always try to assist at it, even if she were very busy. I would hear her say on such occasions, ‘How beautiful to have received Jesus twice today.’ Mother’s deep, deep reverence for the Blessed Sacrament was a sign of her profound faith in the Real Presence of Jesus under the appearances of bread and wine. Her adoring attitude, gestures such as genuflections—even on both knees in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament exposed, and that well into old age—her postures such as kneeling and joining hands, her preference for receiving Holy Communion on the tongue all bespoke her faith in the Eucharist.”

I pray that our children will always have that same devotion to the Eucharist as our dearest Blessed Mother Teresa. Here are some pictures and a copy of our "home-made" program...

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