Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anji by Paul & Eddie

Back in the early 70's, after I received that Christmas present I mentioned in a previous post, the Ovation Guitar, the official "Cat Stevens" guitar, I decided to learn how to play it. I already had some lessons at the local music shop. My teacher was an elderly man - he looked like Andre Segovia, but it wasn't him. His class room, or should I say - class closet - was three long flights upstairs. For a little guy, it was a heck of a climb. He was a nice man, he taught me the notes, some basic chords - and how to play "Red River Valley." Anyway, I was already a Paul Simon fan. My brother, who is "almost" ten years older than me, belonged to a record club. Records were always being mailed to our house. Four Seasons, Simon and Garfunkel. I believe it was the Columbia record club. So, there were always records around the house. I really liked Paul Simon. I listened over and over again to the "Sounds of Silence" album. I wanted to play like Paul. I found out that Paul's brother, Eddie, opened up a music school in Manhattan, the Guitar Study Center. I signed up for some classes. To get there, I carried my guitar, in the big case, on a bus from Union City, NJ - to the Port Authority in New York. Then, a long walk to West 60Th Street. And back! To my surprise, my first teacher was Eddie Simon! Yes, Paul's brother. I could not believe it - hey, maybe I would become famous, knowing Paul's brother would really do it for me. Well, it didn't happen. I'm not famous. I ended up in the fruit business - but - I did learn how to play!

I found this video on YouTube - Paul and Eddie Simon playing "Anji." This is the first tune Eddie Simon taught me how to play - and I still play it today, but not like these guys play.. these guys are cool...

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