Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Solemnity of the Ascension

Today is Ascension Thursday. Jesus is taking leave of His disciples. He must take leave. If He does not, the Spirit will not come to them. Sitting here writing this post, I am looking out of my home office window. It is a sunny morning, the birds are singing. The sound of a very loud woodpecker is disturbing Shelby, my golden retriever. I wonder, was it a morning like this when Our Lord ascended? And did Jesus actually rise up into the clouds? Holy Scripture tells us so. And we know that every word of Holy Scripture has meaning, the Spirit is always guiding us to truth. Jesus went to Heaven, and the disciples are looking up to the clouds. Why? Jesus wants us to always look Heavenward. Where He is going, there is our hope. We must always live with an eye towards Heaven. I recently visited an elderly woman in the hospital. I brought her Jesus, Holy Communion. She experienced a slight heart attack. She also suffers from painful arthritis, barely able to raise her arms. We had some good conversation about life's ups and downs, about suffering. I explained to her that although we all suffer here on earth, we Christians are always to be happy, to have joy. The glory of Heaven will outshine all the pain that went before.

The Ascension is a grace, it calls us to Heaven. Where Jesus goes, we all hope to go.

Let us ponder this today, let our hearts ascend to Heaven. We possess Christ now in faith - let us hope to encounter Him face to face.

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