Sunday, May 3, 2009

If you take a look at President Obama's appointments so far, you will see that he is a strong promoter of the "Culture of Death." The appointment of Katherine Sibelius to Health and Human Services is an insult not only to Catholics, but all men and women who cherish and protect life, from conception to natural death. Many people have united together to end this holocaust, most prominently, Priests for Life. There is another organization who is out there on the front lines, trying to get the "Life" message out. They are known as the "Pro-Life Survivors." These young people travel town to town, peacefully trying to make other young people aware of this terrible tragedy. These are brave young people, spreading the message of life, willing to endure persecution, very much like those early Christians. They deserve our support. You can click on the link below for the Pro-Life survivors site. Please know that the content is disturbing.

From the Pro-Life survivors website:
Survivors is a Christian, pro-life activism organization dedicated to educating and activating high school and college age individuals. If you were born after 1972, we challenge you to consider yourself a Survivor of the Abortion Holocaust. 1/3 of your generation has been killed by abortion in America!

The Survivors are taking an active stand on behalf of those who have already been lost, and for those who are scheduled to die through abortion. We are empowered by the truth, enabled by extensive training, and unafraid of condemning the death of innocents.


On Feb 12, 2009 police arrested 9 members of the Survivors Campus Life Tour ...
check out the video....

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