Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dom DeLuise - A Master Comedian

Dom DeLuise, Catholic, Husband, Father, Comedian, Cook - died yesterday in Los Angeles after battling cancer for more than a year. I will never forget him - he was hilarious. There are so many TV shows i.e. Johnny Carson skits, and movies you can talk about - One of my favorite movies was "The End" with Burt Reynolds. Do you remember? Burt played a man who was depressed and just wanted to end it all. DeLuise was his friend - who wanted to help Burt kill himself. The final scene of the movie, Burt decides to end it all - he jumps into the ocean and swims far off shore. He submerges. Then - up he comes screaming "I wanna live"! He gets back to the beach, tells DeLuise. DeLuise does not believe him - takes out a knife and starts running after him on the beach. It is hilarious. Dom DeLuise was a good man - a good Catholic family man with a great devotion to Mary. God bless him!

There are many video's of DeLuise. I particularly like this one with Johnny Carson.



Anonymous said...

I wish he had have recorded his voice for GPS like his co-star Burt Reynolds has. it would have been cool to have them both giving you funny-turn-by turn directions. I got Reynolds from a site called Navtones but if anyone knows where I can get DeLuise from, let me know.

Anonymous said...

So do I!